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TOUCH Ireland’s third level Education programme is now in its 8th year.

In 2015 our education group, with the assistance of Camara the computer company were able to give two laptops to two of the students being sponsored by TOUCH Ireland’s education grant scheme. This is a great help to the students involved as it can be very difficult in Zambia to do research and access information required. Unfortunately we were not in a position to help all the students that need a laptop.

Our commitment is to enable children to continue with third level education or skills training courses in our project areas. The education committee is set up to raise funds to financially support children within these sponsorships. It operates as a grant system and an application has to be made to the committee through the projects. The committee is coordinated by Pauline McHugh Assistant Director, TOUCH Ireland and consists of people with an interest in education.

This committee is tasked with the responsibility of raising the funds required to operate this project and the project has its own account.

There are 7 child sponsorship schemes in operation by TOUCH Ireland at the moment in Zambia. We also have 1 scheme in Sri Lanka and 2 in Nepal. In addition to this we would look at the possibility of funding a request from any of our TOUCH projects in India and Cameroon.

Our aim is to support children to go on to third level education and skills training courses which ever is appropriate.

The committee is responsible for:

• Fundraising events
• Setting up application criteria
• Setting up of documentation
• Assessing applications
• Applying to relevant education facilities for any grants or bursaries available
• On going review and contact with applicant
• Reporting to Central Group



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