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Everyone deserves the best opportunity in life and education is an essential part of this development.

TOUCH Ireland Education Grant Scheme is made up of the following Education Bursaries:

1. TOUCH Ireland Grant Scheme
2. Monty’s Education Bursary: Educating Children in Nepal
3. Fate Education Bursary: Educating Children in Zambia
4. The Joan McEvoy Education Bursary

Our commitment is to enable children to continue with third level education or skills training courses in our project areas. The education committee is set up to raise funds to financially support children within these sponsorships.

It operates as a grant system and an application has to be made to the committee through TOUCH Ireland projects.

The committee is coordinated by Pauline McHugh Assistant Director, TOUCH Ireland. This committee is tasked with the responsibility of raising the funds required to operate this project and the project has its own account.

Our aim is to support children to go on to third level education and skills training courses which ever is appropriate.

The committee is responsible for:

  • Fundraising events
  • Setting up application criteria
  • Setting up of documentation
  • Assessing applications
  • Applying to relevant education facilities for any grants or bursaries available.
  • On- going review and contact with applicant
  • Reporting to Central Group

Our experience visiting our projects has shown us that parents know that getting an education for their children is the only way to a better future for them. To date we have successfully funded training in Teaching, Nursing, Agricultural Management and Science in Agriculture, General Management Training and HR Management.

Not all our applicants need a profession, we have managed to train a girl in hairdressing, sponsored driving lessons where the candidate now drives his own taxi. Some have done Computer courses and tailoring and Nutrition courses.

These courses are easily attainable with a small amount of money so any donation no matter how small can make a huge difference to these children.



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